Application of ε-caprolactone

It is well known that enzymatic catalysis has emerged as a potential green alternative for industrial-scale chemical synthesis. We have achieved the production of ε-caprolactone via an enzymatic cascade, which unlike chemical processes utilizes molecular oxygen as the oxidizing agent. Direct use of molecular oxygen makes the entire process more environmentally friendly and avoids the complex upstream processing requirements of peracid preparation.

Caprolactone polymer is a colorless oily liquid with an aromatic odor. The molecular formula of poly-e-caprolactone is: C6H10O2. Molecular weight: 114.14. It is used in the polymer industry, in 3D printing, and as artificial scaffolds in animal cell culture. Uli-ECO’s caprolactone technology is enabled by a unique ring-opening polymerization process in which polycaprolactone monomer can be derived into proprietary value-added polyols and thermoplastics.

ε-Caprolactone product is a new type of polyester monomer. It is mainly used to synthesize poly caprolactone. It can be copolymerized or blended with a variety of resins to improve the gloss, transparency and anti-sticking properties of the product. As people’s awareness of environmental protection increases, it is also expected to replace existing ordinary plastics and enter the disposable packaging materials and mulch film markets in large quantities, with broad prospects. Considering factors such as raw materials, equipment and reaction conditions, the cyclohexanone oxidation method is the most effective method, and it is also the current industrial production of ε caprolactone. The cyclohexanone oxidation method can be divided into four types: peroxyacid oxidation method , H2O2 oxidation method, biological oxidation method and molecular oxygen oxidation method.

About the application fields of caprolactone monomer

  1. Toughening modification of epoxy resin to improve the performance of epoxy resin products (mainly toughness and impact resistance).
  2. It can also be used as an excellent strong polar solvent to dissolve some insoluble resins.
  3. ε-Caprolactone is an important chemical intermediate that can be used to synthesize a variety of polymers with different properties, such as polycaprolactone degradable plastics and polycaprolactone polyols.

Caprolactone storage

The product is packed in special PE barrels, conventional 200kg/barrel, and can be packaged in small 25kg barrels, ton barrels, or ISO cans according to customer needs.

During transportation, it is necessary to prevent rain, collision, damage to packaging, leakage and pollution, and must comply with relevant regulations of the transportation department.

It must be used up as soon as possible after opening the package and stored in a cool place. It must be waterproof and moisture-proof, and avoid contact with air and direct sunlight.

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