Polymer sheets produced from polycaprolactone

As we all know, PCL can be used in surgical medical fields, such as surgical sutures, orthopedic splints, radiotherapy plates, resin bandages, dental impressions, etc.

Uli-ECO’s low-temperature thermoplastic panels are modified using polycaprolactone (PCL) as raw material. Thermoplastics that can be used for splinting materials in rehabilitation, patient fixation systems in radiation oncology, orthotics and denture braces, etc., have strong support and will not fall off or break after long-term wear and tear.

Low-temperature thermoplastic board is a new type of medical material made of specially synthesized polymer polyester and processed by a series of physical and chemical methods. Its molecules are in a stable state in a dry environment at room temperature (10°C-30°C). It can soften after being heated in water at 65-70°C for 1-3 minutes, and can harden at room temperature in 3-5 minutes. Because this material has outstanding properties such as non-absorption of rays, good shaping effect after heating and softening, and unique shape memory function (when the shaping is not satisfactory, it can be reheated and reshaped or partially heated and reshaped). As well as being simple to operate and convenient to fix, it is currently the most ideal external fixation material for radiotherapy positioning and orthopedic fixation.

Unilong’s plywood material has good shape memory function and stretch resistance. After heating, press etc. All plywood surfaces are smooth and fingerprint-free.

  1. Strong plasticity: Put it in 60-70*C hot water and it will be completely transparent and softened. It can be stretched and shaped appropriately at will, and the operation is simple and fast.
  2. It has a memory function: when the molding is not satisfactory, it can be put back into hot water at 60-70℃ to soften it again. The material can be restored to its previous size and shape, and can be reshaped and reused.

Next, I want to share with you several products currently launched by Unilong (we also accept customization)

Medical polymer nose splint

Scope of application:

Nasal splints are widely used to support nasal septum plasticity and skin flap transplantation in repairing nasal septal perforation, to fill the front of the nasal cavity with bleeding, to prevent adhesions after nasal surgery, and to support and shape the nose in rhinoplasty surgery.

High-efficiency medical care

Place the nose splint in a high-temperature vessel at 60-75°C. The doctor uses medical pliers to swing the nose prosthesis in the water for a few seconds. The nose splint will be soft and smooth, and it can be placed on the part that needs to be shaped. After cooling, it automatically shapes to achieve the ideal shaping support effect.

Promote swelling, fix shape, reduce hyperplasia, reduce nasal adhesions, reduce surgical inflammation, and have good recovery effects

Finger Plate/Thumb Tubular Plate

Scope of application: Suitable for external fixation of interphalangeal ligament, tendon injuries, phalangeal fractures, finger joint dislocations, etc.

Hand function position fixing plate

Scope of application: Suitable for hand and wrist fractures, nerve tendon injuries, and fixation after orthopedics to effectively prevent or correct hidden deformities caused by bone joints and neuromuscular diseases.

Knee and ankle joint fixation plate

Scope of application: Suitable for knee and ankle joint injuries, postoperative immobilization and orthopedic surgery fixation

Ankle joint brace

Scope of application: Suitable for ankle joint and Achilles tendon injuries, including fixation after orthopedics.

Unilong is a technology-based enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of thermoplastic plates for medical low-temperature braces and PCL modified particles. The company has been deeply involved in the field of medical fixed low-temperature thermoplastic panels for many years, and has rich experience and mature solutions. We look forward to cooperation and exchanges with more partners!

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